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Enhance Your Company with the Business Success Hub
September 2017

Hello. And welcome to At the Center.

There's something about September and that back-to-school feeling that always makes me think about learning. And, in these days of a very tight labor pool, it is more imperative than ever that employers and employees are fully aware of all the opportunities that are out there to advance their learning and maximize each individual's contribution to the workplace. Frankly, your bottom line and our community's success depends on it.

From degree programs to certificate sessions, from one-day workshops to academies, and from experiential learning to best-practices roundtables, the Lancaster community offers all shapes and sizes of learning for your benefit. And, of course, the Chamber is no exception.

In fact, this very issue was one of the key drivers in developing our Business Success Hub, providing a focused approach on ensuring company success and employee advancement.

This Fall our calendar is full with professional development and training programs that apply to a wide-array of professionals. A sampling of some upcoming offerings include:

  • Our Young Professionals Network Skills Accelerator Program. One of our most popular offerings for the under-40 professional, this program includes self-assessments, group exercises and conversation designed to maximize communication skills and explore new ways of thinking;
  • Our Professional Women's Forum. This always popular annual event offers women the opportunity to network and learn. This year the focus is on emotional intelligence, starting with a keynote address from Jen Groover, the creator of Butler Bags, and followed by panel discussions featuring local women business leaders sharing their journeys in the workplace; and,
  • Our ongoing Academy programs ranging from New Managers to Leadership and Sales to Management, these courses provided multiple sessions of instruction and peer-to-peer learning that keeps people coming back year after year.

This fall we will also feature some events designed to promote learning. Our Excellence Symposium featuring representatives from Chick-fil-A to talk about culture and brand; a Sustainability Summit to explore all types of business sustainability programs; and, of course, our Business Expo, where learning and business goes on throughout the entire day!

And, finally, there is also our Professional Development Fridays, free training programs offered in our new building taught by local experts. Some upcoming programs in that series include: Building Trust and Driving Results; Social Scaffolding; TEAM Dynamics, moving from Me to We. All free, all on Friday's and all offered in our new building.

The bottom line to help your bottom line is to check our website regularly to stay current on all of our training and networking opportunities. Or, easier yet, just review our weekly emails for the current listing of programs. And, while you're at it, please feel free to let us know what training and programs your company would benefit from and we will see what we can do to accommodate.

Until next time, stay informed, stay engaged and stay with us. At the Center.


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