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Professional E-Video Troubleshooting Tips
for Receiving and Viewing your Email
I did not receive my email.
First, make sure you have this address, in your email address book, safe or approved senders list. If your email address is linked to a network, such as a work address, check with your IT specialist to ensure you have the necessary permissions, or you can provide an alternative email address. Lastly, check your SPAM, Junk, or Bulk email folder in case the email was incorrectly routed. The name and location of the folder depends on your email program, but in Microsoft Office Outlook it is: All Mail Items > Personal Folders > Junk Email.

I received the email but there are no images.
Most likely your email program is blocking the images. If you see an empty box with a red X, click anywhere inside the box to allow the images to come through. You may also have the option of clicking on the toolbar at the top. Once the images appear, click on the player box to start the video.

I received a new email but I am seeing an old video.
The browser is mistakenly pulling up a similar file. Try clicking refresh (top of the screen, next to the browser, looks like two arrows in the shape of a circle). You can also clear your history: Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete Temporary Internet Files and Delete History. Lastly, reboot your computer.

I may have accidentally clicked on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.
Just email us at and we will be happy to reinstate you.

The video buffers for more than 10 seconds and stops during the video.
This might occur for subscribers with slower internet service, such as dial-up. If upgrading to cable is not an option, to make the video more user-friendly let it buffer completely by allowing the video to play through once while you are doing something else. Hit replay and the video will play again without delay because it is already cached. Additionally, close any other applications that you may have open while trying to view the video.

There is no sound.
There are several places where sound is controlled. First, check the lower right corner of the video player. Make sure the bar is slid to the right. You may have a volume control in your tray (lower right corner of the screen). If not, you can get to it through the control panel: My Computer > Control Panel > Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices > Adjust the System Volume. Remember to check the control on your speakers as well.

Contact us at for further assistance.